India independence and us

On June 15, 1947, the British House of Commons passed the Indian Independence Act, or Mountbatten Plan, which divided India into two dominions, India and Pakistan. It called for each dominion to be granted its independence by Aug. 15 of that year.

Mahatma Gandhi, father of Independent India:

Aja was 6 years old and in second grade of the lower primary school(picture will be below).

That time the only source of news for a 6 year old were words of mouth trickled down from newspapers in own.  Newspapers were available in 5-6 miles away in town areas only.

For years preceding the independence the only thing I felt was to keep myself inside the house because severe fighting boke out  between British soldiers, Hindus, and Moslems and sometimes for a child it was difficult to recognize who was fighting on which side.

The majority Hindus and largest minority, Moslems fought so hard that British government split the country into two, India and Pakistan. In my village, Adampur moslems population was more (and therefore the name Adampur, a Moslen name)  than that of the Hindus but fortunately my family was kind of safe because my father was a kind of kind and honest person and both parties were depending on him for peace and that was great.

Questions asked:

I’m helping Devon do an assignment about historical fiction. He is thinking about writing about the Indian independence from the British. He wants to write the story through you in the first person. When we’re you born? How old were you? Where were you when you heard about the independence? What was it like before, during and after the independence? What was the name of the place you were living in then? Was your village experience different than the city experience during that time period? How were others acting? Was there difference between how the Muslims and the Hindus saw the independence? Did you see this difference in the village? How did you see the difference and how did it affect you and your family? How did you find out about the independence?

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He might have more questions later but he will do some more research and then will come back to you. Thank you.

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