MD Delegate Aruna Miller

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A recollection – February 1, 2018 The 15 best category jobs available in US (Washington Post – 1/29/2018. These 15 jobs range for range from Data Scientist ($110,000) to Manufacturing Engineer ($72,000)  and I am much overqualified for all of … Continued

Maker Place

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We have opened a “Maker Place” here encouraged by our highly  quality professionals  coming from diversity backgrounds where we can tie together ideas for big things can happen. Please come in and share your ideas…..

Who are Americans?

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Arrived in San Fran Cisco on November xxx, 1970, that is 47 years back. Fallen Japanese soldier’s flag returned is an example of xxxxxx of what it is to be an American. One of the enduring costs of racism in … Continued

My First Post

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This is a test post: I am going to a hernia surgery leaving home at 11:30 in a clinic. Surgery starts 12:45 pm local. The doctor is Glenn Sandler. When you get this e-mail it means everything in order. Contact … Continued