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October 13, 2016

I feel something is not working perfectly anymore.  So, a drastic phase change is needed from all things considered. Starting with political to telephone not in place, no more public phones accessible, etc. etc.

January 25, 2017

I collected information this morning and that has been usual for past 2-3 years when I realized I probably have entered into Phase IV. The information gathered here are the focused areas right now.  At the end of the day at least half (50% which I was told by my Ph. D. thesis adviser is perfect achievement) should be achieved. If not tomorrow’s goal has to be tinkered around as the new goal. (Remember Kalman Filter  a subject of Physics and Engineering?)  You know I love Physics!

  • TRUMP CLOUD – this term is derived from the Cloud Technology. Concept of Cloud Computing started in mid 60’s. Today the budge word has not achieved claims made to begin with, but if you do not appear to know what it is you do not have a reasonable earning capacity.  The other theory is “chaous.”  The Chaos Theory works well for instantaneous attacks.  The following school incident (told by one of my grandson in 90’s ) is remarkable. He was threatened by a small group of schoolmates in the cafeteria aiming a fist fight. My grandchild was very polite and well behaved.  He did not know how to avoid the situation but had a tremendous Engineering skill.  He immediately spoke out, ” But you do not know what is Cosine of 90 degrees.” That worked and they ran away.  (One can expand it for writing). Additional references for this writing are;  Reference -1,  Using Trump spoken words for the world Reference-2,
  • Small Business Research topics – Improve success based on own experience (20 years). Analysis needed.

It is 10:13 and ran out of time. The following Washington Post paper collected for “A 466-million-year-old space collision is still raining shrapnel on Earth” (for a DARPA SBIR proposal).

February 28, 2017

Write book on “The arrogant God.” How are we constructed, responsibilities,  and why aren’t we what we want to be?

Reference – 1: HERE

Reference – 2: HERE

Reference – 3: HERE

Reference – 4: HERE

Reference – 5: HERE

Reference – 6: Viswakarma HERE

Reference – 3: Second Life HERE

Reference -4:


September 10, 2017 –  Stack Overflow read at the Vishuv Milan in Virginia

September 12, 2017 – Angeles show up in the morning (6 In the morning)

UCLA ties Berkeley in U.S. News rankings (To Kayley) 

Billionaire Tom Steyer seeks to help mobilize immigrant vote (Cat: politics)

Motherless tiger cubs to become brothers (cat: nature)

Sheeran to play gig in someone’s D.C. living room (a model for small focus groups like learning odia music)

Password Smart (Cat: Senior Computer learning)

Writing Brochure pamphlet media (model for community business)

Unusual use of Duct  Tape (cat: tips)

September 11, 2001  (9/11) (A solo Odia Woman in Pentagon within a tenth degree miss)

Reference – 1: On that Day

3,00 lives lost, Flight 93 fell to earth in a rural patch of Pennsylvania on 9/11

9/11/2016 – Mrs. Clinton falls ill at 9/11 (15th anniversary) service


NASA Plans & Pursuance – President Orders …

June 16, 2018 – As NASA prepares to launch humans from the U.S. again, the nature of space flight and who does it is changing once more . The unsung astronauts!

(NOTE: Add earlier visions and Business change!


Who will launch into space from America?