Probably the last proposal of my life

That was, I thought, on 2/9/17. But it was not.  I submitted another in (July, 2017???) to ???)

2/9/17 – At this time I am focusing on surviving the rest of my life. Well it has been a very productive and “All I could do life,” and want to freeze as is (only a wish) the case should be.  Submitting proposals, looking for a job I fit to, and other remaining aspirations/duties (sell Jajpur Road property at least to make my surviving younger brother having to eat and live in Indian harsh environment and cater to my younger world as well I love) has to continue.

By the way the proposal was submitted (with wrong English, I could not reconstruct it was 3:30 in the morning, 4:00 AM must wake up to drop Sukanti off in the Metro/Office as she chooses) (deadline 6:AM) with no illusion to win, because the whole “corrupt” process is very well constructed into the American (or any other political) system.

The proposal was submitted to the Department of Defense Advanced Research Program Agency (DARPA) winning Innovation  ($150K if wins).

TRY Final_1 Paper

1962 India China War

That had an effect to how I grew up and latter too

Describe how telegram worked in NASA and Al Gore revitalization of government.  Also add this link from Odishagateway.

9/11 collections

Incredible – love The following is in Book world – the name of he book is  explore ???? or you can also make a Valentine card.  Or make a “Read Aloud Day.”

Read aloud to your love. It speaks volumes.