It is time for recounting the life.  The Phase III is a period when one takes account of Phase I (getting prepared for start of an adult life which includes education, learning, dreaming, and gathering information for starting a real life, and Phase II (earning, raising a family, savings for retirement, etc.). and Phase IV (re-navigating life into a uncontrollable future)

This concept of phases or stages of life was very well defined in Hinduism.  The following age allocations were made well before my birth.  At my birth (6 years before Indian independence on August 25, 1947)  the average life expectancy of an Indian was 37+ years. 

Four Phases of Hindu life are: Brahmacharya (student till age of 24), Grihastha (householder, age 24-48), Vanaprastha (retired, age 48-72) and Sannyasa (renunciation, 72+).
 In any case, my decision to begin a Phase III probably is not entirely a bad idea.  Even if I am have not retired I do not have a 9 hour steady job. But I belong to a small group of people having a three generation family  before I was xxx years old.
 Ok, I was told that I have to connect the dots of three generations because for me a fourth generation may be possible any time. They want to hear from me many things for them to clearly analyze and understand about life, if not to follow my path, but to find if there is any worth to know about it.