Software Corporation of America (SCA)  started its operations in 1990 being certified by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) as a small business.

Our Showcase History – First-of-kinds:

  • Air Marshall Training Center (now under the Transportation Security Administration, TSA) activities are an up shoot of the Federal Air Marshall Service (FAMS) under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  All these rapid changes in the US Administration were made to address the two horrific incidents, hijacking of TWA Flight 847 (1985) and terrorist drowning of  Pan Am Flight 103 (1988).  SCA  developed the first Air Marshall Training Development Plan (in 1992).
  • Software Corporation of America (SCA)  was the first one to develop a concept adddd xxxxxx Sensor Fusion xxxx .
  • SCA’s Mapping Software (SCA funded research) product was used by ESRI ArcGIS (pre-curser of Google Map) for their bench marking (1991).

Our Affiliations

  • Steve Case – AOL personally signed me up in my office (1993?)
  • The original starters of ESRI Software (precursor of Google Mapping – ArcGIS, a Desktop product of the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) were doing earth mapping research using geo-information data of the US Department of Interior latitude-longitude data.  NASA is an agency under the Department of Interior.  The Earth orbiting satellites science and engineering needed further refined lat-lon research for precise near earth satellite orbits.  SCA started its own company funded research (1991) for global mapping software using NASA lat-lon.   ESRI group were comparing SCA mapping data to benchmark ArcGIS.  In 2014, Esri had approximately a 43 percent share of the GIS software market worldwide, more than any other vendor.